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CandyFeet & Inspiration

Many thanks for all visitors and attention for give CF questions about the
product. I received several email asked about the product, mostly about mr.doc
marc boots, you can order this shoe and put your comment please at

the avalaible box, thanks.

Price : 250.000 include ongkir (Jakarta- Bandung)

1-2 . Big thanks for Chekka and Gricia for buy CF
product, then, how nice they pull together with outfit

3-4. oriental beauty, one of both is Sussie

5. lame glitter costume made
legging, pairing with KIRA, new collections from CF.

6.Mr.cute doc marc ordered by Diana.
7.enough to say CF fallin love with all shoes from Chloe for

8.peep toe lace up
boots,recently CF have peep toe zipper boots, KIRA (no.5 pic).


Yes, after 1 years CandyFeet or CF hold out on this bussines, finally have the new label’
CF is not only brand
but,everything from the inspiration, process, challenge, tears, hopes, love,
idea, design, artwork, work, coffee and a fighting chance. The CF still nothing
today if CF never try to do something. But CF is still work hard to get
‘achievement’ in this bussines. Still far away to get huge successful, but today
CF would say ‘alhamdullilah’.

And also CF would say thank you very much
for everyone who has been bought the product, is such honour for CF, and please
everybody put your comment in CF blog o send email about design and product.
CF would say sorry if the product performance disappointed and CF would hear
from you which one and try to correction about that for better future.

Oh well we only human, rite dear?.


Do you know the romance story beetwen Nancy and Sid vicious from the band Sex Pistols? Imagine the Nancy herself as well, probably, iconic as punk lady at the 70’-80’s. Today, Nancy come out at the different shape. Alice Dellal as the granddaughter of a British real-estate mogul, Jack Dellal, and daughter of a Brazilian model, Andrea Dellal. The lucky charm maybe support her as her socialite status, opportunity to seat at front row in every fashion show, model on every prestigious fashion magazine, the next muse of Agent Provocateur and Alexander Wang is “obsessed” with Dellal and used her in the campaign for his collaboration with Uniqlo.

Its enough to talk about her lucky charm, now look, her must attention is the cutting edge hair cut. Meanwhile, another girl treat they hair like a queen, Alice dare to show her half bald hair. Not only that, the total looks already, with punk style. The combat boots, leather jacket, studs or whateva, definitely she rocks out fashion world today. The iconic British girls already told ya that they style not only copy paste something from runway, rite?. They are truly fashionista rite?. Remember, Kate Moss, lily Allen, Amy Winehouse? (yes, her big hair even inspire Karl Lagerfeld for Chanel) Daisy Lowe, the muse of Doc.Martens (even this brand ‘woke up again’ after long time ‘sleep’, and today become a trend). So, swing up your hair and show to everybody the bald side.

pic by : who what wear daily.com

CANDYFEET new product : " Punk Up Your Feet"

Terinspirasi oleh musik punk di era 70-80an serta band-band punk yang terkenal pada masa itu seperti, Ramones dan Sex Pistols. Dengan mengadaptasi beberapa elemen-elemen punk yang ada, namun tetap tidak memberikan kesan berlebihan dalam pemakaiannya. Garis desain yang cukup menginterpretasikan dari punk itu sendiri adalah; penggunaan zipper dan buckle. Punk timelulu soal semangat underground, musik keras, gothic namun bisa mempercantik penampilan dengan memberikan sentuhan garis desain yang sexy, feminine tetapi strong secara bersamaan dan sederhana. Penggunaan zipper dan buckle seakan-akan menegaskan sisi lain dari penampilan seorang perempuan yang ; maskulin, berani, tegas dan kuat namun tidak melupakan sisi feminin dari perempuan itu sendiri. So, girls, dare your self. its time to be different!.

Product sample info please contact me @ amel_dua@yahoo.co.id

at Alexander wang fall 2008 collection
MOST WANTED!!!! yes, the Teen Vogue intern ex, break into fashion industry with his grunge looks. Not mention about wake up Curt Cobain again from cemetery, the grunge that Wangs bring into high level, he made up sweater with two side zipper on shoulder, oh I love it!. Maybe its too late to discussed his 2008 collection. The boots, actually inspire a lot. The leather skirts more sexy and hot. Wang hit CFDA nomination for emerging talent and Uniqlo smash hit fall collection, sold out just for 30 minutes ! and yes hunted by fashion frenzy. Wanted, definite, for Wang himself and entire collection.


Bangkok with love


CF actually inspire by 70-80's punk culture . Including "cut and paste", zipper, studs, safety pin, posters etc. And also the band, such as Ramones (love them skinny pants), The Clash and the most CF fave music, Sex Pistols. Sid Vicious and Nancy tragically love story inspire CF for skteching punk boots, perhaps?.


MKA olsens!
yes..of course. This tiny moguls has a-great-damn-style (after read about they bio on
several magz, seems like the twins doesnt hire a stylist).

Both loves wear daring accessory. Such as Givency studs leather jacket (still searching for the studs ).

MK Chanel hi-gladiator and Ashley wear the same thing in diffrent brand.

The twins probably true trendsetter, from boho headband that MK first" celebrity
wear it, Balenciaga chungky heels and probably, starbucks coffe?, haha.... just

Including as him fans, for CF, Vino probably the one Indonesian actor who have a great style
(without too much effort). CF loves his character at Radit and Jani movies, he
looks so perfect for rebel style. CF wondering Vino wear rock band
t-shirt+straight black jeans+boots, perhaps Vino? ;).
Vino pic : relaks.com


(1) YSL wedges (2) Balenciaga spring 2008 hi-gladiator (3) Miu Miu-
Balenciaga-Givency hi-gladiator (4)Marc jacobs buckle boots (5) Balenciaga from
fall 2007 collection(6) awesome Balenciaga boots on Marykate olsen(7)RODARTE
fall 2008 collectiopic ;

Avalaible status : SOLD

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dwie mengatakan...

Mel, sendalnya ud gw terima,
pas sm uk kaki gw, bhny jg bgs,alus,
but di bagian pergelangan kakinya agak kedodoran, jadi hrs dibolongin lg...
selebihnya sh gak ada mslh...
sukses terus yh bu dlm berkreasi...hehehehe...

candyfeetish mengatakan...

dwie,ada blogspot juga?hehe...mau dibolongin lagi nga bu?thx ya,keep give ur comment yha :)

Nadilla Soenardhi mengatakan...

kalo aku mau doc martensnya gmn ya/

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