Minggu, 07 Agustus 2011

Teach Me how to.....

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I want him! :)

T.O.P - Big Bang

A trust

Life sometimes is full of surprise, one day you can laugh all day, smile, happy because you are feel happy. But then, another day you can cry, hate, sad because you are feel disappointed with someone or something unfair in your life. There is one bad things happened to me (still). A trust with a friend. When the first time you meet with a new friends, a new personality, everything is feel ambiguous, you have no idea about the inside of that person. She maybe looks nice, clean, trusted, cover up perfect with good images or 'label'. First suggestion, you will trust her 100%, day after day you start to learn and understand her, what would she looks like, the way she talk, blink her eyes, every words come out from her mouth its so convince, then you decide to trust with that person. There is one day, I feel comfortable to sharing, to tell my daily story to her, then we are havin perfect click one each other, then the story goes, goes and goes..... But then, when I feel trust with her with sharing some of 'my treasure hunt' stuff to her, suddenly i realized i feel, she is tryin to backstabbing at me. How dare I can say that?, I collect proof from her body languange and learn her sign. Its silly but Its true, I CANNOT TRUST with her anymore. Once, I dont want talk with her anymore but its not a result or even goodess result. Oke, I might not yet sayin my fidgetiness to her, but I will someday. But, sorry for say, Im not trust with her anymore. Sesuatu yang harus di bayar mahal adalah kepercayaan, dan itu akan mengubah segalanya ketika kepercayaan itu telah ternoda. Kepercayaan seharusnya sesuatu yang dapat tersimpan dan terjaga dengan baik, namun, ketika kepercayaan ternoda, tercoreng, akan menjadi sulit membangun dari awal lagi benteng atau pundi-pundi yang seharusnya sudah berdiri kokoh. Only one more change, but, I decide to not choose that...

Okay, anyway, life is full surprise, one of that surprise was my students blog, view they creative, color pop fashion with hijab and cute style, see how very talented they are in youngfolks05.blogspot.com, :)

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