Jumat, 20 Agustus 2010

Oh, I Love the lady-chic, KATE SPADE

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When Im googling and search cute image, CF was found and get inspired by Kate Spade collection. Specially the cut-paste catalog. The collection remind me of 60's lady-chic style, Audrey Hepburn and anything lady... (move over Katy Perry and Deta Von Tease!!!). The red bow dress is something sooo sweet and the black LBD, remind me of Audrey Hepburn and somehow, CHANEL? Kiera Knightley?. I love the way they name the collection behind. Its like
" dim sum after dark", "leaving work early" etc etc.... but so far CF just love the no.1 pic, "leaving work early". Today, remind me of the vintage-lady, Kirsten Dunst. I love the way they belted the cardigan and mix it with vintage bag and oh, dont forget the sweet socks and shoes!. Uh oh so sweetieeee pie...... hmmm give me inspiration for my whole work outfit, kiss for Kate Spade, muachh.... shop shop the yummy catalog at katespade :)
pic: polyvore


Hai..hai.... all cupcakes, CANDYFEET SALE diperpanjang nih say, cek detailnya disini and email me soon and order fassssssssssst! :)
pic: polyvore

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