Sabtu, 28 Agustus 2010

Inspired by vintage cutie-pop Manga

Eico Hanamura

bright eyes, cute and innocent face, livin like a doll!

Chanelling supermodel
Lisa Cant - the living doll

The wardrobe
Anna Sui

flirty, flowery, 70's and super feminin looks...

Once again, CF found lots of surprise during googling or search inspiration on internet. This time I feel surprise when i found the most cute-pop images come from manga or Japanese drawing arts (hmmm I call it that way). Maybe today's we're already know manga in fashion industry such as Gwen Stefani alter ego as Harajuku Lovers, with all of they cute manga character on their products such as clothing, perfume etc etc. Or remember what Takashi Murakami done, cutie-pops collaboration with Louis Vuitton bags?. But if we flash back to the years of 1958, when Eico Hanamura start her manga career as manga artist. Her works remind me of my 90's chilhood. When I still elementary school, watched famous animation movie or anime such as ; Candy Candy, and Remi or read famous comics at 90's era such as ; Topeng Kaca, Rose of Versailles ( oh my goodness this is soooo Marie Antoinette as comics version) and Candy Candy. The one things I love this manga style was, the eyes. How beautiful their draw melancholic and bright eyes. And oh, i just love everything in vintage sooo much!. Eico one of the most famous pioneer of girls comics. Until today, she still follow art exhibition in Paris and collaboration with craft poeps. Her manga style somehow, remind me of Anna Sui collection. The flowery, girly , flirty or anything cuteness....

Today, manga culture already have huge movement. Take Takashi Murakami did. He done collaboration with LV bags. And today, he collaboration with POP magazine with Britney on cover. Anyway read for more detail about Eico Hanamura interview with , here and get ready inspired by the cutie vintage girly manga... :)

Jumat, 27 Agustus 2010

Tory Burch Hiking Boots

CF call it, super stylish hiking boots, awesome !!! :)

Featured on

Just like found treasure. During googling CF was featured @ Im not really understand about the languange. But, cek here for more detail, thank you berry berry much elefanta !! *kiss*

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