Kamis, 16 Juli 2009

secret admire

wowwwww.......... funny!!! I google my self and found 'my secret fan' (hehe), thank you all, how nicely they recommended, tag, links or etc about Candyfeet in their blog. Here's some and add soon :
c'mon darling if u're fan order one or two or three.....hehehehe just kidding ;)

color swatch part II


Sintesis leather


Hi alll....... Im back!! wow... CF miss blogging sooo much. So, sorry of lack updates about anything and espesially material. I know some of you only just wondering the shoes with this-that material without see the 'real' material hehe.... rite know I already upload the nice one ( I hope).

Anyway, I've got some order form from foreigner country, mostly Q about payment. I was really strut about there's buyer from London ( Hi Linda) was send me email about my product. Wow.... I' soooo happy cause it means my Candyfeet goes global, rite?. But I'm sorry before, I dont have pay pal account because i dont have credit, debt card or anything have relate with that things. So, for internationally payment I use western union.... I know for some online shoppers usually use pay pal for easy payment. But, I do have study about pay pal or etc. But rite now I only accept western for internationally payment, hopely i found something like pay pal but without use credit card account. Adios....

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