Jumat, 10 Juli 2009

some style from 'Boys Before Flower 'movies

yeahhh.... if u watch dorama series at televison now, BBf already become hits for a while. Oke, i'm not screaming out all of them cute face. We talk about fashion, how dare this boys are soooooooo fashionable in this movie. I love the blazer things, dandy look and oh, the main character, Goo Jun Pyo, 'so nicely irritating'!. His arrogant looks and the furrrrrr coat ( calm down my dear, I only loves the fake fur) damn!. He do it well lady, haaha..... I love dandy look. Korean boys already have good sense of style. Remind me of British men.Girls already not enough if talking about guys, rite?. But the guys with style, definitely smoking hot. And lady's if ur eyes already frenzy with cute boys, check out one of my fave character, So Yi Jung or Kim Bum.. hummm, talking about cute, he's the winner. Kim Bum, saranghae!.... ;)

inspired by fashion week

hi-grey boot.....yaaaaaayyyyyy!!!

Senin, 06 Juli 2009

double featured

yayyyyyy..... double featured. Featured @ sabilanata & GG July 09 (soon i featured the cover in here), she wore candyfeet ala doc.marc boot then styled at Rated Stylish @ Gogirl Magz... yihiieee terima kasih sayang, muachhhhh....

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