Kamis, 27 Juni 2013


Recently Im so addictive with hoodie bergo, another alternative for hijab styling. Lately, Im kind of lazy for wear square hijab, I want something simple but still in trendy but not so hijabers look a like because most of these style are too short, almost forget the syar'i things. I want to be stylish jilbabers but not too over. Some poeple I saw om the street is just 'too much over', sometimes they push themself too much to match with this trend so the result, is totally mesh and sorry, saucy. Alhamdulillah, I found some product which match with 'my own' choice. Hijab with long back and syar'i. But still trendy. I just shop @ Zoya and today I browse ala hijabers and I hope this one syar'i moshaict

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Menjual koleksi set sprei dengan berbagai motif anak, dewasa dan bedcover. Terima pemesanan sarung bantal, bed cover saja. Also, quilt cover.

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