Senin, 24 Mei 2010

Who getting older fast? honestly

// Who getting older fast? Taylor Momsen or Lindsay Lohan?

// Taylor Momsen

// Lindsy Lohan


pic : polyvore, lindsay

When I browse Lindsay Lohan images from polyvore, mostly her picture are having adult content. Her pose in some magazine even picture her as young--wild--party girl--who--love--smoking--so much!. I dont know is that fame change her images so fast or because pressure of being paparazzi queen? (of course she doesnt even want this). But, yeah, she getting older so fast, you can see then--now pic. Then, she was cute teenager with her beautiful smile and chubby cheek. But now, she even look more older. Maybe because her smoking & party habit or deal with Hollywood pressure or gossip media??. She just look like 30 years old, ups, or 5 years more older form her age. Oh well, I almost forget that she even more younger than Reese Whiterspoon, Jessica Biel or even Britney????... And I think I spot the new generation or younger version from LiLo track on Taylor Momsen?. So, who exactly getting older fast?. Personaly or images?. You decide.

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