Selasa, 21 Desember 2010

Beautiful dandy equipment :)

WWW's trend report :
Stylish Suit or CF call it ; Beautiful dandy :)

As seen as :
Mary Kate Olsen

MATCH with :

CandyFeet creme oxford - CandyFeet zipper wedges boots
F-Trope Oxford boots?
You decide :)
(pic:Polyvore, WWW)

Kamis, 16 Desember 2010

CF and Deviant Art

Hay, everbody, CF join DeviantArt now!!!. Original design by Amel-CandyFeet, some of CF doodles and ups, hidden treasure during college!. During break time, CF loves design some vector, illustrator artwork and inspired by fashion, for sure, happy browse and drop some comment are welcome @ ! :)

Selasa, 30 November 2010

Inspired by manga / anime PART II

Hey, are you guys watch anime lately?, there is a lot of anime, anykind of story, from the weirdo until the most weirdo-do-do, you know, anime rate not for children but i guess start to teen-adult, or whatever, but lately, CF found the new perspective of manga and anime. During my off day works, I am start to browse some manga pic. Until I found this one. Katekyo Hitman Reborn, you can browse for the story detail. Somehow CF amazed with all fashionable boys at there, (my friend call, this is MALE version of SailorMoon), yeah, a lot of cute boys dressed up like mafia *remind me of INTERPOL guys*. All the long legs, tie, preepy style, blazer and their superpower weapon or whatever, but one thing getting my attention more is, their fashionable style and all the handsome guys in cartoon version, cek this one out...
ps : I love the cute lambo and reborn, the itty bitty chara with big hat *kiss*

one of my fave, Yamamoto Takeshi *kiss*

The boys style remind me of the guys on Interpol, all the mafia style, suit and hot ^^

Interpol is one of my fave band, Paul Banks have amazing voice behind his cutie pie face and their music are great! I LOVE IT :)

pic :,, google for everything search :)

This is business life?

I,m back!, hewww, sorry for the lack updates on blog and but rite now we're still having available stock such as ; CAGE HEELS, CAGE BOOTS, DOC MARC and the bags, I already posted about that before.

ANW, very many various new brand born right now, from anonymous until famous poeple using they fame, trying their luck charm in this track (business). Million times (couple times, hehe) I read and watching the story about enterpreneurship (sorry for the wrong spelled), from nothing becoming something and 'someone', I admit, adoring the story like this, inspired me a lot because there is always good and wisely process in our life, i am rite?, honestly, business likes life between ironic. Everytime I open and search news on website, google, blog or whatever blog, there is always born 1 new brand every month or maybe everyday in Jakarta. Mostly is Fashion stuff. Necklace, shoes, bags, boots, clothes or blah blah... everysingle things in the name of fashion, OMG!. But the brightside is, I am really proud, personally, with this movement, cause everybody start to buy local product, rite?, which is great!. Jakarta or Indonesia having million, maybe, creative poeple, maybe the largest amount in whole world!, Im prous as Indonesian. Every month is always create new brand, product or blah blah, but as seller, this thingy is killing me softly?, HAHA, no, this is new challenge for CF to always and learn how to serve best for my lovely costumers.

I remember advice from my mom is, there is always good process for create better life and basically for build better mentally, personally, behaviour for the future. Need a real proof?, we can see what happen with The Beatles, they're not only famous but a legend. Im sure and believe, there is looooong road and story how The Beatles to get there, i believe too, that The Beatles not only walk with swagger behind their successful story but with defensively, with being a legend, poeple will always recognize who you are, entire life, I am rite?...

Jumat, 12 November 2010


Rock n Roll bag
125 rb_termasuk ongkir
kulit sintesis
tersedia warna krem

Square bag
125rb_termasuk ongkir
kulit sintesis
tersedia warna biru

Quilted bag
125rb_termasuk ongkir
kulit sintesis
stok hanya 1 warna

Jumat, 05 November 2010

Seeking for local inspiration. PART II

Seeking for local inspiration, PART II : agathaversatileavenue

I love her trousers pants and the way she mix and match her outfit with clean and cut style. And her shoes, remind me of classic & minimalism of Celine.

Senin, 01 November 2010

Seeking for local inspiration. PART I

Seeking for local inspiration. June Paski, famous blogger from bandung, who featured on as blogger-of-the-moment and another tres chic fashion website. Thanks for her adorable preepy-masculin style (or I call it beautiful dandy). I love the way she put blazer, simple flat shoes, classic watches *remind me of miss vintage, Kirsten Dunst and Zoey Deschanel*. Of course, her pixie hair complete her preepy looks with quirky twist. Finally, someone show cutie side of preepy. The beautiful dandy... :)

pic from : junepaski

Jumat, 15 Oktober 2010

Jumat, 08 Oktober 2010

Hey, Hello, whasss up miss Black Cage Boots!

Heeeey, I admit being so so lame for the lack update, but, since I have problem with internet , so CF must try to find out another 'numero uno' broadband provider, huhuhu..... I miss blogging so much, but during my sadness moment, CF found another happiness, again the black cage boots was featured again in DianaRikasari, yipieeeee..... Thank you my dear, please click here for detail :)
*ps : I really want meet with her, personaly*

Kamis, 23 September 2010

feature : Hello Cotton

Craving for a Juicy Beef Steak

Some new stuff this weekend...:)Candyfeetish shoes & Forever 21 necklaceDR for Bloop Endorse lace dress, Bloop skirt, eBay 4-fingers gloveSomerset Bay lace top, DR for Bloop Endorse lace shorts, mom's belt CONTINUE READING »

PS : thanks again Diana, you definitely my girl! :D

Senin, 20 September 2010

Harajuku Men's style

I may not huge fans of manga and anime thingy but one thing that I love so much from Japan was, Harajuku street style. Lolita gothic, cosplay, rainbow hair-make up- clothes until the girls or boys? dare to death for wearing deadly shoes *crazy platform shoes with giga heels, today, remind me of Lady Gaga mega heels shoes*. But most of my attention are, the men's style. Mostly Im looking inspiration to write my blog from fashion blog like ; JakandJill, the Sartorialist or Style Bubble. But, suddenly, I forget about the fact that Japan street style, with all their crazy--creative--brave on fashion mix and match, *and one step a head on fashion world* have the most stylish guy on earth. I mean, not only stylish but I believe the fun fact that, rite now the Japanese guy are more beautiful than the girls?. Huh? really, I found some of the beautiful boys picture *including the last picture, i have no idea is he or she?*.. Bdw, you can fresh up ur eyes or mind by just browse in here @, happy browse :)
pic: style-arenajp, polyvore.

Still cute & Available :)

Cage Heel (Grey)_37-39 & Black_38

Maroon doc marc_37-38

Dare ur self for wear this, the one and only costumize by candyfeet :

CandyFeet Leopard Doc marc_38

PS: The shoes are ready walking for 'scene of action', before you falling apart, I make sure for cleaning the shoes first, dont worry my dear..... ;)

Sabtu, 28 Agustus 2010

Inspired by vintage cutie-pop Manga

Eico Hanamura

bright eyes, cute and innocent face, livin like a doll!

Chanelling supermodel
Lisa Cant - the living doll

The wardrobe
Anna Sui

flirty, flowery, 70's and super feminin looks...

Once again, CF found lots of surprise during googling or search inspiration on internet. This time I feel surprise when i found the most cute-pop images come from manga or Japanese drawing arts (hmmm I call it that way). Maybe today's we're already know manga in fashion industry such as Gwen Stefani alter ego as Harajuku Lovers, with all of they cute manga character on their products such as clothing, perfume etc etc. Or remember what Takashi Murakami done, cutie-pops collaboration with Louis Vuitton bags?. But if we flash back to the years of 1958, when Eico Hanamura start her manga career as manga artist. Her works remind me of my 90's chilhood. When I still elementary school, watched famous animation movie or anime such as ; Candy Candy, and Remi or read famous comics at 90's era such as ; Topeng Kaca, Rose of Versailles ( oh my goodness this is soooo Marie Antoinette as comics version) and Candy Candy. The one things I love this manga style was, the eyes. How beautiful their draw melancholic and bright eyes. And oh, i just love everything in vintage sooo much!. Eico one of the most famous pioneer of girls comics. Until today, she still follow art exhibition in Paris and collaboration with craft poeps. Her manga style somehow, remind me of Anna Sui collection. The flowery, girly , flirty or anything cuteness....

Today, manga culture already have huge movement. Take Takashi Murakami did. He done collaboration with LV bags. And today, he collaboration with POP magazine with Britney on cover. Anyway read for more detail about Eico Hanamura interview with , here and get ready inspired by the cutie vintage girly manga... :)

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