Selasa, 30 November 2010

This is business life?

I,m back!, hewww, sorry for the lack updates on blog and but rite now we're still having available stock such as ; CAGE HEELS, CAGE BOOTS, DOC MARC and the bags, I already posted about that before.

ANW, very many various new brand born right now, from anonymous until famous poeple using they fame, trying their luck charm in this track (business). Million times (couple times, hehe) I read and watching the story about enterpreneurship (sorry for the wrong spelled), from nothing becoming something and 'someone', I admit, adoring the story like this, inspired me a lot because there is always good and wisely process in our life, i am rite?, honestly, business likes life between ironic. Everytime I open and search news on website, google, blog or whatever blog, there is always born 1 new brand every month or maybe everyday in Jakarta. Mostly is Fashion stuff. Necklace, shoes, bags, boots, clothes or blah blah... everysingle things in the name of fashion, OMG!. But the brightside is, I am really proud, personally, with this movement, cause everybody start to buy local product, rite?, which is great!. Jakarta or Indonesia having million, maybe, creative poeple, maybe the largest amount in whole world!, Im prous as Indonesian. Every month is always create new brand, product or blah blah, but as seller, this thingy is killing me softly?, HAHA, no, this is new challenge for CF to always and learn how to serve best for my lovely costumers.

I remember advice from my mom is, there is always good process for create better life and basically for build better mentally, personally, behaviour for the future. Need a real proof?, we can see what happen with The Beatles, they're not only famous but a legend. Im sure and believe, there is looooong road and story how The Beatles to get there, i believe too, that The Beatles not only walk with swagger behind their successful story but with defensively, with being a legend, poeple will always recognize who you are, entire life, I am rite?...

2 komentar:

sHaa mengatakan...

sist cantik,
pesen web sama aku yuu :D

candyfeetish mengatakan...

halo shaa, kamu bisa bikin web ya?

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