Selasa, 30 November 2010

Inspired by manga / anime PART II

Hey, are you guys watch anime lately?, there is a lot of anime, anykind of story, from the weirdo until the most weirdo-do-do, you know, anime rate not for children but i guess start to teen-adult, or whatever, but lately, CF found the new perspective of manga and anime. During my off day works, I am start to browse some manga pic. Until I found this one. Katekyo Hitman Reborn, you can browse for the story detail. Somehow CF amazed with all fashionable boys at there, (my friend call, this is MALE version of SailorMoon), yeah, a lot of cute boys dressed up like mafia *remind me of INTERPOL guys*. All the long legs, tie, preepy style, blazer and their superpower weapon or whatever, but one thing getting my attention more is, their fashionable style and all the handsome guys in cartoon version, cek this one out...
ps : I love the cute lambo and reborn, the itty bitty chara with big hat *kiss*

one of my fave, Yamamoto Takeshi *kiss*

The boys style remind me of the guys on Interpol, all the mafia style, suit and hot ^^

Interpol is one of my fave band, Paul Banks have amazing voice behind his cutie pie face and their music are great! I LOVE IT :)

pic :,, google for everything search :)

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