Sabtu, 20 Maret 2010

Knightly shoes

Top : Chloe // Gareth Pugh
nuff to say, IM IN LOVE...

Color & Pop

Marc Jacobs Tweed blazer // Pastel & bubble skirts // Rodarte leather jacket

PHI dress // Alexander McQ sweater dress // Vivienne Westwood // Marc Jacobs top
Color splash, funny face, cotton candy etc. Remember of pop art, Andy warhol. Today, Marc Jacobs already dominate runway with color and another cutest item, for sure. When the darkness regime was dominate in Balmain. Marc Jacobs, Rodarte (they hand knitt cardi was amazing), Viviene Westwood, PHI, and Alexander McQ sweater dress (he always amazing).
The pic CF put in here, one of my fave from their random collection. Just color pop, im in loveeeee...... :)

Tough & Edgy

We already in edgy era. When Balmain comes from the warrior princess story. The shoulder puff becoming trend, even until now. The glam, studs, leather, showing the best moment of being 'knightly' woman. As a woman, sometimes we want to show our edgy side. Remember, fashion designer never sleep. They always work hard to build new trend. Balmain, in case. Wake up fashion world to keep focus on edgier cut. When some woman bored with boyish thingy, need some powerfull and tough side. Forget about cowboy hat, BF pants etc. Here' some punk thingy, studs, safety pin, leather, cut out etc, bringing new life of our closet?.
Remember about Xena? the warrior princess?, well, you dont have dress like her (haha). Today, since Rihanna, well, seems like claim her edgy hair mix with Balmain dress. Just like whoaaaaa..... Rihanna is the new 'warrior darling princess' in fashion. Rite?...

But, so far. In my post. Im in love with what Christopher Kane (Oh, im in love with this guy), Gareth Pugh & Alexander McQ did it with they collection. And, oh, the structure leath jacket, for sure. I just imagine if Tilda Swinton wear it? or Lou Douillon?. Hahahha... How about bandage, cut out dress?. Already nuff to say that woman looks more sexy if they play peek a boo and show some skin, rite?.

Kamis, 18 Maret 2010

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Menjual koleksi set sprei dengan berbagai motif anak, dewasa dan bedcover. Terima pemesanan sarung bantal, bed cover saja. Also, quilt cover.

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