Selasa, 12 Mei 2009


Candyfeetish blogwalking and found the review product, write down by sarahmunir, wow....another link was open, thank you dear, and actually Sarah have some good visual to post her daily outfit in her blog....

mix and match

CF loves how all ot this girls mix and match their CF shoes with they outfit, thanks for adindasavitri, chekkacuomova, dianarikasari, dear dont be shy, show yours best outfit with CandyFeet's stuff , CF would post the interest one and still count! have fun girls! yipieeeeeeeeeeeeeee........................!!!

Minggu, 10 Mei 2009


Before it candyFeet would say thanks for all costumers and for who ordered from CF. And not tired to say sorry for some unsatisfied complaint about the product, CF just do the best to do it the order. Attention for all costumers, before you order PLEASE read the rules, ( sorry I have bold the words)because several poeple just leave the comment and funny think asking the same questions again and again and even CF already mention about detail, this case specially happen at CF Multiply, so it doesnt mean that CF ignore your Q but please do read before about the rules.

For size matter, CF made 1 number larger for boots. Such as; if you order size 37, CF would made 38. The reason because boots is really tight on your feet enough, so it would be need more comfortable for walking. The logic reason, if your shoes tight to even cannot wear that shoes anymore, so lose out isnt?. But if the shoes larger, you can wear socks or stocking, maybe?. I hope that was good tips ;)

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