Sabtu, 30 Januari 2010

CF loves Cory Kennedy

Who? Cory Kennedy?
You wouldn't recognize her 5 or maybe 6 years ago. She is not come from another 'HollyWood' castle or someone stylista ingenues found at Paris or walking in New York streets. Was found by accidentally then become lucky ingenues, from ordinary girl with her personal style goes to model print ads, seat at front row or hangout with Peaches Geldof ?. Accidentally famous, already. Cory with her own jeans or t-shirt or her vintage bag, really easy to hang out at hipster party or fashion show. She is definitely successful being herself. And, maybe she 'work' without stylist? Yes, I guess is right. No matter what, CF really her personal style. She didnt put too much make up, branded stuff or heavy boots for make her style stunning. Just like another teenager from Hollywood dynasty or Disney 'kid'. Pretend to be grown up with they adult 'look a like' make up or heavy dress or 'nasty, itty-bitty' pose in some men magazine to proof that they 'already grown up'. Yikes!... Cory, you definitely win my heart!, mwaaaaaaaah..... :)

When bags become 'beast'

From Top : Jimmy Choo's mix animal print
Kirna Zabete chain clutch

Sunglasses lover

Cat eye 1950 Tom Ford
Ray Ban CF random fave things, sunglasses, wuw........

Temptation oh temptation

>> H & M bow sweater
>> Sass & Bide cardigan
>> Polkadot blazer
>> Stripey sweater
>> Temperley London leather jacket
>> Alexander Wang biker jacket

Rabu, 27 Januari 2010

Cage Heel

Cage heel
size : 37 - 38 - 39
warna : Hitam - abu - coklat
harga : 250 Rb (sudah ongkir Jakarta-Bandung)
harga toko : 225Rb

Selasa, 26 Januari 2010

Another CF Stuff

@ Black & white blazer
130Rb include ongkir Jakarta
sz : all size (prefer badan yang kurus dan sedang)

@ kaus nanas (Thailand)
150Rb include ongkir Jakarta
size : all size

@kardigan paku
130Rb include ongkir Jakarta
size : S-M (badan kurus dan sedang)
@ dress kembang korea
130Rb include ongkir Jakarta
size : S-M (badan kurus dan sedang)

@ Batik Tasik maroon
150 Rb include ongkir Jakarta
size : S-M ( badan kurus dan sedang)
panjang : sedengkul

@ Batik Tasik hijau lumut
150Rb termasuk ongkir Jakarta
size : S-M (badan kurus dan sedang)
panjang : sedengkul

Minggu, 24 Januari 2010

CF always being big fan of herself & blog

Black Cage boots from CandyFeetish, big thanks for wear it my dear... :)
anyway, bootsnya masih ada stoknya loooh, hehehe...
Cage Boots
size : 37- 38-39
warna : hitam, abu, krem
harga : 250Rb (sudah ongkir Jakarta - Bandung)
harga toko : 225Rb

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