Senin, 20 September 2010

Harajuku Men's style

I may not huge fans of manga and anime thingy but one thing that I love so much from Japan was, Harajuku street style. Lolita gothic, cosplay, rainbow hair-make up- clothes until the girls or boys? dare to death for wearing deadly shoes *crazy platform shoes with giga heels, today, remind me of Lady Gaga mega heels shoes*. But most of my attention are, the men's style. Mostly Im looking inspiration to write my blog from fashion blog like ; JakandJill, the Sartorialist or Style Bubble. But, suddenly, I forget about the fact that Japan street style, with all their crazy--creative--brave on fashion mix and match, *and one step a head on fashion world* have the most stylish guy on earth. I mean, not only stylish but I believe the fun fact that, rite now the Japanese guy are more beautiful than the girls?. Huh? really, I found some of the beautiful boys picture *including the last picture, i have no idea is he or she?*.. Bdw, you can fresh up ur eyes or mind by just browse in here @, happy browse :)
pic: style-arenajp, polyvore.

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