Jumat, 25 Juni 2010

Emotional Sickness

I try my best and explain the truth,,
Sometimes I didnt understand why there'is poeple or group of poeps who like to bully, mocking up, objurgate with impolitely words or should i say bad attitude or education???. In my case as seller, I found one or two buyer from ten, already have one of 'that' attitude. Already. I try my best and dont forget apologize about the mistake that I've done. But one or two, they doesnt care about how deeply I said sorry or apologize ( I know, this thingy unnecessary for them, maybe? I dont know depend on....). But sometimes everything it will be more nice, peacefull if we doit without emotional, calm dawn, not mocking up, or use bad languange, actually nobody poeps in this world want treated as like that way. We are, who living in big city are usual living with quick rhythm. Everbody want to get everyting quickly, instant or as fast as thunderbolt. I know I supposed work as superman, which is work fast or super duper faster just like The Flash. But sometimes I never know what happen in front of me, like something that we never guess before, take example ; accident?. Me as seller only human and humanly, i do mistake and apologize and fix it. But, sometimes there is poeple who is very evil (sorry i sad, is true) who doesnt appreciate and mocking up. Should I shut up?. I have logic reason to explain, the truth story behind. I know maybe unnecessary for 'them' to listen my explanation (even them think that I liar, for what?, I just try to tell the truth). If this happen, i feel sad or shock maybe?. i dont know, Im only human. Seller is just human and only human just like another million or zillion poeple who living in this earth. Or maybe just because they have special job to serve costumer as well, the seller must look perfect, sooo perfect to serve and satisfied costumer (wajar). But please, listen or heard my voice and understand that we (me) try serve my best and satisfies. Emotional sickness that i never understand why 'them' use it to objurgate.

I say apologize for being and write like this, but I have feeling, heart, breath, brain, living like human *NOT ROBOT* just like you. Even this is only online shop or just like illusion, CandyFeet never run from responsibility if gain complaining. We try to fix problem, if you (who complain) didnt get notice from CF in 24 hours (please Im living like human and have personality life & problem etc etc and not always front of computer, dont get emotional please, relax and DONT JUDGE CandyFeet run away from trouble / problem because CF little, itty bitty to late replay the complain email. I need somekind of fresh air or calm dawn myself if see someone email me with rough, mocking up, impoliteness thingy (oh gosh, Im not trash). How does it feel if this impoliteness thingy happen into your life?.... Oh Im not GOD and only human....just give me time to fix the problem....

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