Senin, 25 April 2011

The New IT Boy : T.O.P

Cotton tee
56 EUR -

Balmain studded leather jacket
$7,735 -

Denim skinny jeans
$40 -

Alexander McQueen ankle booty
935 GBP -

Alexander mcqueen handbag
1,455 GBP -

CASSETTE necklace
25 GBP -

Ray Ban ray ban sunglass
$145 -

Wolford Luxe 9 Tights
$30 -

Printed top
13 GBP -

TopShop cropped jacket
$80 -

Denim jeans
$40 -

Converse star shoes
$45 -

Marc Jacobs brown handbag
850 GBP -

Metal jewelry
28 EUR -

You might be amazed, who is T.O.P and what kind of that name? *forgive me I doesnt know his real name but T.O.P is known as well as his famous stage name* so, sister, T.O.P is one of the lead singer from BIG BANGS, one of today famous KPOP boyband. But since I saw Super Junior and Shinee video clip, just amazed how very dandy, stylish, slim with the long legs and 'beautiful' they are, probably I would called, the new generation of Boy Goerge and uhm, Adam Lambert ? *cough* but these guys doesnt need super thick eyeliner to proof they sexual identity right on stage or real life. But somehow the KPOP phenomenon, my eyes have been spoiled by dozen of cute Korean 'boys' and band. These boyband not just singing pweety, wear awkward tuxedo and sing dozen romantic song but they jobdesk are ; singing , dancing at the same time, pose for fashion magazine like ELLE, VOGUE Korea,*nice option, dude* modeled for some huge fashion brand and acting. I quote David Archuleta songs ;' in the sea of poeple', I saw T.O.P get my attention by his 'nasty and womanizer' smile remind me of Tom Lefroy aka James McAvoy in Becoming Jane. Oh Lord, do we girl love when guy smiling 'bad' like that?.............

Some of Korean male probably have good taste on fashion, I guess, many times I saw them on the bookstore, mall, hang out at coffee shop, mostly they are preppy guys!. Yeeeeeeeah, I was like, oh, oke, the expat style or 'well, nice boat shoes, darlin' or "wow, did Lacoste insurance your outfit"?. Outside of them (Korean and Japan) sexy cat eyes, cutie pie face and beautiful skin *ugh, jelaousy*, I do love they style. And T.O.P style was inspired me to create sets on polyvore, here I post my fave sets, and I know million or stupid 'illion without M or Z' says same thing like I want to say here ; saranghae (I love you)... ugh, guilty pleasure :D

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