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Be fashionable and save money smart

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Budget special: How to save money and still have fun!

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We've got a money-saving expert to share her tips on how you can save money with the new budget!
Financial expert and founder ofmoneymagpie.com, Jasmine Birtles says there are lots of simple ways that you can save money and get through the tough times without compromising on fun!
'A bottle of wine on a Friday night, meals out, a monthly shopping spree, manicures, waxes and a regular cut and colour can all add up. But savvy girls who are in-the-know can still look gorgeous, go out and enjoy a good meal and still have money left at the end of the month. Here are some great money saving tips to get you started!'
- Swishing - If you fancy a new look but can't afford to splash out on this season's new collections, get your friends round and organise a clothes swapping party; you can have a whole new wardrobe with no price tag attached and enjoy a good gossip, a glass of wine and some nibbles at the same time
- A new look - save on haircuts and beauty treatments by going to trainees or beauty colleges - although it may take longer you can often save over 50% on the cost. You can also sign up to be a guinea pig for trainees who need models to help them out with salon treatments, make-up and hair dressing. Volunteers can then benefit from free or discounted treatments. Look atsalonguineapig.co.uk for more information.
- Waste not, want not - never waste anything! If you don't finish that bottle of wine you shared with the girls last week, use it to fill up the ice cube tray. Then you can use the frozen ‘wine cubes' in cooking which saves you having to buy a bottle every time a recipe calls for it
- Eating out - if you look around there are lots of great two-for-one deals with high street restaurant chains, so you can still have a meal out with the girls or enjoy a cosy dinner with your man. If you're a Nectar collector you can now spend your points at ASK restaurants and get money off the bill that way
- Get Fit - So many of us have such good intentions when it comes to staying in shape, but the reality is lots of us prefer a night on the dance floor to an evening on the treadmill. Monthly gym membership, at upwards of £50, is a real expense. Over the course of the year that adds up to the cost of that Mulberry bag you've had your eye on. Instead, stay in shape for free; walk to work, take the stairs instead of the lift or get your friends together for a weekly running club - a good old chinwag makes exercise all the more enjoyable!
- Lunches - If you hate the thought of making sandwiches every morning because you need the time to do your hair and make-up, it's good practice to simply cook more than you need the evening before, then you can take the leftovers for your lunch. Tupperware is much more fashionable than it used to be!

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