Senin, 08 Februari 2010

from the deepest of my heart

I want this book personaly. I want to know more about carrers in fashion. From the deepest in my heart I really want have careers in fashion. I ever been internship as fashion stylist, at that time Irealized that I have passion on fashion. But then, after graduated from Univ I was apply in many fashion magazine, media as wardrobe, visual merchandiser or even fashion journalist. But no one even call me back for interview. But then I realized, having passion on fashion not always ended up in career. Maybe I have try to another luck. Bussines. yeah, I have dream job but maybe I was dream too much to only become a fashion stylist?. Seems like its hurts for me, I really want that job and I have qualified (almost) portofolio of it. Yeah, maybe this dream job not really welcome to me. I love fashion but I have to thinking another change to expression my passion. Having and maintain fashion onlineshop is become my 'toy', maybe I can reach money from here not only that, I have several new friends in here (hehe), experience etc. I really learn almost a lot things from this bussines. I will keep maintaining this until finally I've got my dream job but, still continue my olshop. Im not only want dream job but I want finding my passion. Fashion is my passion, bussines is one of creative way from fashion, in my personaly opinion. Well, I hope someday, amiin.... :)

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