Selasa, 28 Mei 2013

She still wearing my shoes


Who is she?
Sabila Ananta, wow! one of my buyer. I remember that for couple looooooong time ago when CandyFeet open store she ever came to my store then buy this boots (I' lill bit forget) oh no, she take the grey hi-boots. I feel surprised when i know that she is 'lil girl' I thought she someone who seat in High School and then she still Junior high school at that time. Well, when today I come across to her her blog, now she is the contributor fashion stylist at one of wellknown teenager magazine. Such good track on fashion industries. I thought she gone for while, well, not like me. I mean, after I seriously become fulltime teacher, I quit from selling Candyfeet stuff. Im so buzy and found trouble to find good and quality craftsmanship behind the production. So well bla..bla..since Diana Rikasari become superstar then another product come out sale in another fashion blog and bla--bla--Im drawning in my own popularity. I think to sell something new, new stuff. But then, not easy to 'beat out' million 'newbie' who launching their fashion product. Well, I have to think seriously about fashion bussiness. But, then, i quit to sell shoes, I bravely thingking to sell another product. But still in progress. Now, I dont want make something rare or bla--bla--Now i want to make product which more 'friendly' and affordable  in cost. Not something rare, special and stupid limited edition, do we all (bussiness) need money for production cost?. Try to swallow reality life isnt easy. When you have a lot of money and link to built a brand, then you become successfull, so damn succsess!. But if you dont, you still have damn hardwork to 'crawling' from start again. I feel like, damn, where's my viewers going gone for???.... But, blogging not always about counting viewers but how you enjoy your own skill to writing something. I still sucks writing down something but at least i still love this job (blogging).. Well, its abaout commitment.. :)

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